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Taylor Swift - Instagram - Taylor Swift - TikTok - Taylor Swift - X - Taylor Swift - Facebook - Taylor Swift - Youtube - Taylor Swift is one of the most popular musicians in the world. Taylor Swift is an accomplished song writer, musician and performer. Taylor has a large social media following and updates her social media regularly with pictures and videos of herself.

Drake - Instagram - Drake - Facebook - Drake - Twitter - Aubrey Drake Graham goes by the name Drake for his professional career. He is an actor, songwriter and singer. He is the greatest Rapper of this generation. He also sings a lot of pop songs. He has won many Grammy awards for his music. His company is OVO (October's Very Own), sells his own clothing line.

Taylor Swift - Instagram - Taylor Swift - Twitter - Taylor Swift - facebook - has one of the largest number of followers for her Instagram account. She is one of the top pop stars in the world.

Ed Sheeran - Instagram - Ed Sheeran - concert dates - clothing - Ed Sheeran - Facebook - is a top pop star.

Justin Bieber - Instagram - Justin Bieber - Facebook - Justin Bieber - twitter - Justin Bieber - shows and clothes - is one of the most popular pop singer in the world. He has a huge social media following with over 100 million followers on Instagram.

Bruno Mars - Instagram - Bruno Mars - Twitter - Bruno Mars - Facebook - Bruno Mars - clothes, music, concert dates - Peter Gene Hernandez goes by the stage name Bruno Mars. He is one of the best selling artists of all time.

Katy Perry - Instagram - Katy Perry - Twitter - Katy Perry - Youtube - Katy Perry - Facebook - Katy Perry - fragrances - shoe collections - Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson goes by the stage name of Katy Perry. Is one of the biggest pop stars in the world. She has her own shoe collections and her own fragrances.

Selena Gomez - Instagram - Selena Gomez - Twitter - Selena Gomez - Youtube - Selena Gomez - Facebook - Selena Gomez - Clothing - Music - Selena Marie Gomez got her start acting when she was a teenager. She then went on to become a pop singer. She sells music and clothing on her website. She is the most popular person on Instagram in the world with over 138 million followers.

The Weeknd - Instagram - The Weeknd - Twitter - The Weeknd - Facebook - The Weeknd - Instagram - Abel Makkonen Tesfaye goes by the stage name of The Weeknd. His brand is XO and sells clothing and other apparel on his website.

Lady Gaga - Instagram - Lady Gaga - Twitter - Lady Gaga - Facebook - Lady Gaga - music - concert dates - merchandise - Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta goes by the stage name of Lady Gaga. She has a unique style and is an actress, song writer and singer.

Miley Cyrus - Instagram - Miley Cyrus - Twitter - Miley Cyrus - Facebook - Miley Cyrus - Youtube - Miley Cyrus - website - Miley Cyrus is the daughter of country star Billy Ray Cyrus. She is an actress, song writer and singer.

Pink - Instagram - Pink - Twitter - Pink - Facebook - Pink - music - concert dates - merchandise - Alecia Beth Moore uses the stage name of Pink. She is an actress, songwriter and singer. She is a grammy award winner. She has sold over 40 million albums throughout her career.

Justin Timberlake - Instagram - Justin Timberlake - Twitter - Justin Timberlake - Facebook - Justin Timberlake - concert dates - Justin Timberlake is an actor, songwriter and singer. He is a multi grammy award winner. She has sold over 30 million albums throughout his career.

Shakira - Instagram - Shakira - Twitter - Shakira - Facebook - Shakira - merchandise - music - fragrances - Shakira Isabel Mebarek Ripoll goes by the stage name of Shakira. She is a Columbian dancer, songwriter and singer. She has a huge social media following with over 97 million followers on Facebook. She has many philanthropic activities that support a number of charities centered on children and their health and education. She has won many awards and is the best selling South American singer in terms of her music.

Beyonce - Instagram - Beyonce - Facebook - Beyonce - clothing - music - Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter goes by the stage name of Beyonce. She has a huge social media following and sells clothing on her website. She is married to Rap superstar Jay-Z.

Adele - Instagram - Adele - Instagram - Adele - Facebook - Adele - Twitter - Adele Laurie Blue Adkins goes by Adele for her music career. She is from the UK and is one of the top Pop stars in the world.

One Direction - Instagram - One Direction - Twitter - One Direction - Facebook - One Direction - merchandise - concert dates - fragrances - One Direction is a successful pop band that has sold more than 50 million records worldwide.

BTS - Instagram - BTS - Twitter - BTS - Facebook - Bangtan Boys - merchandise - concert dates - BTS are a Korean pop band that are known for their dance moves. Their album "Love Yourself: Tear" is their breakthrough album.

J Balvin - Instagram - J Balvin - Twitter - J Balvin - Youtube - J Balvin - Facebook - J Balvin - music - concert dates - José Álvaro Osorio Balvin goes by J Balvin for his professional name. He is a Colombian reggaeton singer who is based in the US.

Jennifer Lopez - Instagram - Jennifer Lopez - Twitter - Jennifer Lopez - Facebook - Jennifer Lopez - Youtube - Jennifer Lopez is a singer, songwriter and actress. She has a residency in Las Vegas where she performs her hits. She has a huge social media following with over 75 million followers on Instagram.

Shawn Mendes - Instagram - Shawn Mendes - Twitter - Shawn Mendes - Facebook - Shawn Mendes - Youtube - Shawn Mendes - merchandise - music - concert dates - Shawn Mendes is an up and coming singer and song writer. He has released 3 albums. He has done some philanthopic activities even at this young age, he has raised money for mental illness and also to help out the victims of the earthquake in Mexico. He also raised money to build a school in Ghana.

Kelly Clarkson - Instagram - Kelly Clarkson - Twitter - Kelly Clarkson - Facebook - Kelly Clarkson - Youtube - Kelly Clarkson - music - concert dates - merchandise - Kelly Clarkson became a star after winning American Idol. She has won 3 grammy awards and has sold over 25 million albums over her career.

Britney Spears - Instagram - Britney Spears - Twitter - Britney Spears - Facebook - Britney Spears - music - concert dates - merchandise - Britney Spears is an actress and singer. She rose to fame with her song Baby, one more time.

Gwen Stefani - Instagram - Gwen Stefani - Twitter - Gwen Stefani - Facebook - Gwen Stefani - music - concert dates - merchandise - Gwen Stefani is a singer and songwriter. She rose to fame as the lead singer of the group No Doubt. She has a line of fragrances and a fashion line and a line of eye glass frames.

Christina Aguilera - Instagram - Christina Aguilera - Twitter - Christina Aguilera - Facebook - Christina Aguilera - music - concert dates - merchandise - Christina Aguilera is best known for being on the TV show "The Voice". Prior to her role on "The Voice" she had successful music albums and has won 5 grammy awards.

Ariana Grande - Instagram - Ariana Grande - Twitter - Ariana Grande - Facebook - Ariana Grande - Apparel and Music - Arianda Grande-Butera has a huge social media following. She is a actress and pop singer who started at a young age acting. She sells apparel and music on her website.

Rihanna - Instagram - Rihanna - Twitter - Rihanna - Facebook - Rihanna - Makeup - Fragrance - Fashion - Robyn Rihanna Fenty is a pop singer from Barbados. She is active on social media with plenty of updates. She also sells beauty products, fragrances and lingerie on her website. She has a partnership with Puma and has her own brand Fenty with Puma.

Demi Lovato - Instagram - Demi Lovato - Twitter - Demi Lovato - Facebook - Demi Lovato - merchandise - concert dates - branded clothing line - Demitria Devonne Lovato is an actress, songwriter and singer. She tours regularly and supports many diverse social causes.

Chris Brown - Instagram - Chris Brown - Twitter - Chris Brown - Facebook - Chris Brown - Music - Tour Dates - website - Chris Brown is a singer, songwriter and actor. He has sold over 30 million albums. He is one of the most popular singers on social media with over 44 million followers on Instagram. He has acted in a number of movies and appeared on the TV show the O.C.

Ellie Goulding - Instagram - Ellie Goulding - Twitter - Ellie Goulding - Facebook - Ellie Goulding - Google+ - Ellie Goulding - Youtube - Ellie Goulding - Website - Ellie Goulding is a British pop singer. She is best known for her hit songs Burn and How long will I love you.

Steve Aoki - Instagram - Steve Aoki - Twitter - Steve Aoki - Facebook - Steve Aoki - Soundcloud - Steve Aoki - Youtube - Steve Aoki - Website - Steve Hiroyuki Aoki is a musician, DJ, record producer and founder of Dim Mak Records. Steve is pretty good at social media as well as music as he has over 7.8 million followers on Instagram.

Foo Fighters - Instagram - Foo Fighters - Twitter - Foo Fighters - Facebook - Foo Fighters - Concert Dates - Apparel - Foofighters have been around for over 20 years. They are a legendary band that regularly sells out the largest venues.

Dave Grohl - Instagram - - Dave Grohl is the lead singer for the Foo Fighters.

Bon Jovi - Instagram - Bon Jovi - Facebook - Bon Jovi - Twitter - Bon Jovi - Concert Dates - Merchandise - is a top rock band that has been around for over 20 years. Their lead singer Jon Bon Jovi is the driving force behind the band.

The Killers - Instagram - The Killers - Facebook - The Killers - Twitter - The Killers - shows and merchandise - is a popular US rock band that has put out many top selling albums and still tours.

U2 - Instagram - U2 - Twitter - U2 - Concert Dates, Merchandise - U2 is an Irish band that has put out 16 albums with the first one being in 1980. Their popularity is still very high and they still tour and play at the largest venues.

Imagine Dragons - Instagram - Imagine Dragons - Twitter - Imagine Dragons - Facebook - Imagine Dragons - Music, Merchandise - Imagine Dragons are a rock band out of Las Vegas. They have sold over 12 million albums over the 10 years they have been performing.

Green Day - Instagram - Green Day - Twitter - Green Day - Facebook - Green Day - Merchandise - Green Day has been around for a long time. They have sold over 35 million albums but have not released new material recently.

Coldplay - Instagram - Coldplay - Twitter - Coldplay - Facebook - Coldplay - Music - Concert Dates - Merchandise - Coldplay are a successful British band that has sold over 100 million records since its forming in 1996. They have won numerous awards around the world including seven grammy awards. They also active for a number of social causes and charitable causes.

Rise Against - Instagram - Rise Against - Twitter - Rise Against - Facebook - Rise Against - Merchandise - Concert Dates - Rise Against have been around since 1999. They are still actively touring around the world.

Shinedown - Instagram - Shinedown - Twitter - Shinedown - Facebook - Shinedown - Merchandise - Concert Dates - Shinedown have been around since 2001. They have released six albums and are a hard rock band.

Bruce Springsteen - Instagram - Bruce Springsteen - Twitter - Bruce Springsteen - Facebook - Bruce Springsteen - Merchandise - Concert Dates - Bruce Springsteen is a legendary rocker who has been playing for a long time. He is one of the best selling musicians ever with over 100 million records sold. He has won many awards including 20 grammy awards. Bruce Springsteen is a big supporter of veterans and has participated in many USO tours playing for the troops overseas.

twenty one pilots - Instagram - twenty one pilots - Twitter - twenty one pilots - Facebook - twenty one pilots - Merchandise - Concert Dates - Twenty one pilots are an American band that have released four albums.

Red Hot Chili Peppers - Instagram - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Twitter - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Facebook - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Youtube - Red Hot Chili Peppers - Music - Concert Dates - Merchandise - The Red Hot Chili Peppers are a hugely successful American rock band that was formed in 1983. Their most famous songs are Californication and By the way. Their musical style was a combination of rock, funk and hip hop and have made an impression on many newer brands that also followed the Red Hot Chili Peppers unique style.

Soundgarden - Instagram - Soundgarden - Twitter - Soundgarden - Facebook - Soundgarden - Music - Merchandise - Concert Dates - Soundgarden were one of the bands that created the Grunge sound out of Seattle. They were formed in 1984 and lasted until 1997 and then reformed in 2010. Their most famous songs are Black Hole Sun and Spoonman.

Kendrick Lamar - Instagram - Kendrick Lamar - Twitter - Kendrick Lamar - facebook - is one of the most popular rappers out here. Has won the pulitzer prize for music and is known for his song writing.

Lil Wayne - Instagram - Lil Wayne - Twitter - Lil Wayne - Facebook - Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. goes by the name of Lil Wayne. He is a top rapper.

Nicki Minaj - Instagram - Nicki Minaj - Twitter - Nicki Minaj - Facebook - Onika Tanya Maraj goes by the name Nicki Minaj. Has a huge social media following.

Eminem - Instagram - Eminem - Twitter - Eminem - Facebook - Marshall Mathers goes by the name Eminem. He has been in the rap game for a long time.

J. Cole - J. Cole - Facebook - J Cole - Twitter - is an rapper from North Carolina.

French Montana - Instagram - French Montana - Twitter - French Montana - Facebook - French Montana - Website - Karim Kharbouch goes by the stage name French Montana. He uses his personal website to publicize future concerts and his music.

Sean Combs aka P. Diddy - Instagram - Sean Combs aka P. Diddy - Twitter - Sean Combs aka P. Diddy - Facebook - Sean Combs aka P. Diddy - music - ciroc (liquor) - merchandise - Sean John Combs is a businessman, song writer, singer, entrepreneur. He goes by the stage name of P. Diddy is one of the biggest rappers in the world. He has many businesses that he concentrates on a lot these days.

Snoop Dogg - Instagram - Snoop Dogg - Twitter - Snoop Dogg - Facebook - Snoop Dogg - music - concert dates - merchandise - Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr goes by the stage name of Snoop Dogg for his professional career. He is a rapper, gospel singer, songwriter and entrepreneur. He has branched off into some entrepreneurial work with marijuana companies. He has a large social media following with over 23 million followers on Instagram.

Cardi B - Instagram - Cardi B - Twitter - Cardi B - Facebook - Cardi B - Youtube - Belcalis Almanzar goes by the stage name Cardi B. She is an actress, songwriter and a singer. She has been acting and singing since 2015. She has a large instagram following with over 24 million followers.

Migos - Instagram - Migos - Twitter - Migos - Facebook - Migos - Youtube - Migos - Website - Migos are composed of three rappers: Quavo (Quavious Keyate Marshall), Offset (Kiari Kendrell Cephus) and Takeoff (Kirsnick Khari Ball). They are all related to each other. They are out of Georgia and started with mixed tapes and became famous from some songs from these mixed tapes including Versace and Fight Night.

Gucci Mane - Instagram - Gucci Mane - Facebook - Radric Delantic Davis goes by the name of Gucci Mane for this Rap career. He is a famous rapper out of Atlanta.

Sean Anderson aka Big Sean - Instagram - Sean Anderson aka Big Sean - Twitter - Sean Anderson aka Big Sean - Facebook - Sean Anderson aka Big Sean - Website - Sean Michael Leonard Anderson is known professionally as Big Sean. Big Sean had his breakthru album Dark Sky Paradise that went to Number 1 album in the US in 2015.

Wiz Khalifa - Instagram - Wiz Khalifa - Twitter - Wiz Khalifa - Facebook - Wiz Khalifa - Youtube - Wiz Khalifa - music - website - Cameron Jibril Thomaz goes by the stage name Wiz Khalifa. Cameron is one of the most popular rappers on Social Media with 40 million followers on Facebook. His biggest hit was the song "See You Again" as part of the soundtrack for the film Furious 7. It has over 3.8 Billion views of his video on Youtube.

Travis Scott - Instagram - Travis Scott - Twitter - Jacques Webster goes by the name Travis Scott for his rapper career. He has active social media sites.

Meek Mill - Instagram - Meek Mill - Twitter - Meek Mill - Facebook - Meek Mill - Youtube - Meek Mill - music - website - Robert Rihmeek Williams goes by the stage name Meek Mill. Meek Mill is one of the more popular rappers on Social Media with over 13 million followers on Instagram.

Carrie Underwood - Instagram - Carrie Underwood - Twitter - Carrie Underwood - Facebook - Carrie Underwood - Concert Dates - Merchandise - Carrie Underwood - Clothing Line - Calia - Carrie Underwood is one of the biggest stars in Country Music. She has her own women's clothing line called Calia.

Shania Twain - Instagram - Shania Twain - Twitter - Shania Twain - Facebook - Shania Twain - Concert Dates - Merchandise - is a country singer who has been a top artist for many years. She has active social media accounts and is touring on a regular basis.

Jason Aldean - Instagram - Jason Aldean - Twitter - Jason Aldean - Facebook - Jason Aldean - Concert Dates - Merchandise - Restaurant - Jason Aldine Williams goes by the stage name Jason Aldean. He has put out eight albums since 2005 and is a popular country music singer that tours regularly.

Miranda Lambert - Instagram - Miranda Lambert - Twitter - Miranda Lambert - Facebook - Miranda Lambert - Concert Dates - Merchandise - Miranda Lambert - Idyllwind Lifestyle Brand - Miranda Lambert is a popular country singer with many hit songs and also has a lifestyle brand called Idyllwind.

Keith Urban - Instagram - Keith Urban - Twitter - Keith Urban - Facebook - Keith Urban - Music, Concert Dates, Merchandise - Keith Urban is a popular country singer who actively tours a lot. He has been a successful Country Artist for more than 25 years and has released nine studio albums.

Jessie James Decker - Instagram - Jesse James Decker - Twitter - Jessie James Decker - Facebook - Jessie James Decker - Merchandise - Kittenish by Jessie James Decker - Jessie Rose James is an actress and country music star. She has a TV show with her husband Eric Decker (NFL Wide Receiver). She also has her own clothing line Kittenish that she developed with Kora Rae.

Kenny Chesney - Instagram - Kenny Chesney - Twitter - Kenny Chesney - Facebook - Kenny Chesney - Concert Dates - Kenny Chesney is a big country star, he plays his concerts in the biggest of stadiums. He has sold over 30 millions albums and has recorded 20 albums over his career.

Luke Bryan - Instagram - Luke Bryan - Twitter - Luke Bryan - Facebook - Luke Bryan - Merchandise - Concert Dates - Luke Bryan has released six albums and has sold millions albums. He tours regularly and his concert dates can be found on his website.

Florida Georgia Line - Instagram - Florida Georgia Line - Twitter - Florida Georgia Line - Facebook - Florida Georgia Line - Merchandise - Concert Dates - Florida Georgia Line are one of the most popular country music bands since their forming in 2010. They have released three albums.

Toby Keith - Instagram - Toby Keith - Twitter - Toby Keith - Facebook - Toby Keith - Merchandise - Concert Dates - Toby Keith Covel goes by the professional name of Toby Keith. Toby Keith has been performing since 1993. He has released 19 studio albums in his long career.

Blake Shelton - Instagram - Blake Shelton - Twitter - Blake Shelton - Facebook - Blake Shelton - Google+ - Blake Shelton - Youtube - Blake Shelton - Website - Blake Shelton is a country music star who had his first hit in 2001. He is best known for his role on the TV show "The Voice".

Zac Brown Band - Instagram - Zac Brown Band - Twitter - Zac Brown Band - Facebook - Zac Brown Band - Youtube - Zac Brown Band - tour dates - apparel - Website - The Zac Brown Band consists of: Zac Brown, Coy Bowles, Clay Cook, Daniel de los Reyes, Matt Mangano, Jimmy De Martini, Chris Fryar and John Driskell Hopkins. They have had 6 studio albums. - Main Menu

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