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Jordi Dreher - Instagram - Jordi Dreher - Twitter - Jordi Dreher - Youtube - Jordi Dreher - Likely Makeup - Website - Jordi Dreher is a Canadian youtuber, makeup artist and beauty influencer. Jordi has an active youtube channel with lots of makeup video tutorials. Jordi has her own cosmetic line called Likely Makeup that is available on her website.

Nikkie De Jager - Instagram - Nikkie De Jager - Twitter - Nikkie De Jager - Facebook - Nikkie De Jager - Blog Lovin - Nikkie De Jager - Youtube - Nikkie De Jager - Nikkie Tutorials - Website - Nikki De Jager is a Dutch beauty influencers who is one of the most popular in the world with over 12 million followers on Instagram. She has active social media accounts with plenty of instructions and tutorials on how to do your make up and other beauty tips. Her youtube account is especially popular with many videos of tutorials and instructions on beauty tips.

Claire Ashley - Instagram - Claire Ashley - Twitter - Claire Ashley - Facebook - Claire Ashley - Youtube - Claire Ashley - Website - Claire Ashley is a beauty video blogger based out of Washington DC. She is a professional makeup artist and has a lot of tips on Beauty tips on her Youtube channel. Youtube is her most popular social media account with over 185K subscribers. She has a lot of beauty tip videos up on Youtube and frequent updates to her youtube channel. Her website has the products that she uses (see her youtube videos) and where to buy them. She also provides makeup beauty services consultations.

Shannon Harris - Instagram - Shannon Harris - Twitter - Shannon Harris - Facebook - Shannon Harris - Youtube - Shannon Harris - Website - Shannon Harris is a youtuber and makeup artist based in New Zealand. She has a popular youtube channel with over 3 million subscribers. She has an active youtube account that has a lot of videos on makeup and other beauty tips.

Michelle Phan - Instagram - Michelle Phan - Twitter - Michelle Phan - Facebook - Michelle Phan - Youtube - Michelle Phan - Website - Michelle Phan is a beauty influencer and youtuber. Michelle has a really popular youtube channel with over 8+ million subscribers. Her youtube channel has beauty topics as well as lifestyle videos.

Kylie Jenner - Instagram - Kylie Jenner - Twitter - Kylie Jenner - Facebook - Kylie Jenner - Website - Kylie Jenner is a reality TV star, a model, actress and entrepreneur. She has a huge social media following with over 137 million followers on Instagram and is one of the top beauty influencers in the world. She is the youngest social media billionaire, in 2018 when she became a self made billionaire on the strength of her cosmetic line.

Sophie Hannah Richardson - Instagram - Sophie Hannah Richardson - Twitter - Sophie Hannah Richardson - Facebook - Sophie Hannah Richardson - Pinterest - Sophie Hannah Richardson - Youtube - Sophie Hannah Richardson - Website - Sophie Hannah Richardson is a beauty and fashion blogger based in the United Kingdom.

Haley Wight - Instagram - Haley Wight - Twitter - Haley Wight - Facebook - Haley Wight - Youtube - Haley Wight is a beauty influencer based in Portland, Oregon, USA. Haley is a makeup artist who has plenty of tips and tutorials for doing makeup.

James Charles Dickinson - Instagram - James Charles Dickinson - Twitter - James Charles Dickinson - Facebook - James Charles Dickinson - Youtube - James Charles Dickinson is a makeup artist, beauty influencer and youtuber. He has a lot of videos on his youtube channel about makeup, beauty and lifestyle. He is really popular on youtube with over 15+ million subscribers on youtube.

Rocio Cervantes - Instagram - Rocio Cervantes - Youtube - Rocio Cervantes is a makeup artist and beauty influencer. She has a really active youtube channel with lots of makeup videos. She has an active instagram account with lots of different makeup pictures that have a lot of unique looks that show unique makeup combinations.

Em Ford - Instagram - Em Ford - Twitter - Em Ford - Facebook - Em Ford - Youtube - Em Ford - Website - Em Ford is a beauty blogger, makeup artist, filmmaker and youtuber based in London, UK. Em has a lot of youtube videos up on her channel about beauty and makeup. For example she has makeup tips for covering up acne and also tries out a lot of cosmetics ad givers a review.

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